Chenango County Democratic Committee members are your co-workers, friends, and neighbors who volunteer some of their time with the Democratic Party. Every day, we serve our community and nation in different ways: from helping a child learn, to defending our freedom overseas.


The Chenango County Democratic Committee (CCDC) works with and supports candidates running for public office, and elected officials who share our ideals of positive political change in our communities, New York State, and the nation.  CCDC does this through recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers and candidates who share our inclusive vision to take on challenging issues by developing new ideas and with actions that serve our constituency.

We support leaders who are highly active, who value diversity, are open-minded, and who are willing to work to change societal issues and structures that disadvantage members of our community. CCDC believes this will result in a better quality of life for everyone.

I VOTED stickerCCDC supports open and transparent government and advocates for government services that include healthcare, mental health, drug treatment, and community law enforcement, among other services. We support policies with actions that result in a robust and healthy environment including clean air, clean water, and plentiful open space in parks, forestland, and farms.

We seek to be a visible source of regular, truthful, and inspiring information with the goal of creating a better-informed electorate. We believe in defending and speaking up for residents of Chenango County and oppose those who stand against free and fair elections and democracy.


The committeeperson is the backbone of the Democratic Party. From an organizational standpoint they do the nuts-and-bolts jobs which allow the party to function. Each election district is allowed two committeepersons. Chenango County has thirty-one election districts which means the Democratic Committee is entitled to sixty-two committee members.

To become a member of the Democratic Committee, a person can be designated by petition or be appointed.  If there is a vacant seat, you are placed in the district where you live and if not, as close to home as possible. The committeeperson represents the Democrats in his/her assigned district. Committee members are expected to carry petitions for themselves as well as our candidates. If you want to become a Democratic Committee member, please contact the Chairman at chair@chenangoconydems.com to get more information.


  1. Assist in finding and electing candidates for office.
    1. Carry designating petitions for yourself (every 2 years) and candidates.
    2. Find locations to place candidate signs.
    3. Distribute information.
    4. Make phone calls.
    5. Register new voters who have moved into the district.
    6. Support the party by attending monthly meetings.
    7. Support the party financially if able.
  2. Get to know the Democrats in your district.
    1. Serve as contact for your constituents with elected officials and the Party.
    2. Occasionally patronage jobs become available which the county chair is made aware of and passes on to Committee Members who may be interested or may know a Constituent who is.
    3. Be aware of issues which may impact your constituents and serve as a voice or mobilizer for action.

The role of the committee person is important.  Clearly people have different skills, ability and indeed mobility.  Each member brings those to the committee, which is a benefit. The job is what each member makes it.  Some people thrive on door-to-door work, others are proficient at phone calls, some may want to run for office.  What we share will make it possible through our combined efforts to provide a choice at the polls for Chenango County voters.



Chair – Patricia Giltner - chair@chenangoconydems.com
1st Vice-Chair – Phillip D. Metzger
2nd Vice-Chair – Carly Hendricks
Treasurer – Kathryn S. Sabino
Secretary - (vacant)


121st ASSEMBLY DISTRICT - Debra A. Cubbage, Phillip D. Metzger
131st ASSEMBLY DISTRICT - Maureen Spann

COUNTY COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES - (two per voting district allowed)

AFTON - (vacant)
BAINBRIDGE - Doloris Nabinger
COLUMBUS - Robert Huot, Thomas M. Brown
COVENTRY - Janine Edmee
GERMAN - Ellen T. Maroney
GREENE 1 - Stephen L. Page
GREENE 2 - Rosalind K. Conner
GUILFORD - Mi By Kim, John F. Himmelein
LINCKLAEN - (vacant)
MCDONOUGH - (vacant)
NEW BERLIN - (vacant)
NORTH NORWICH - (vacant)
NORWICH TOWN 1 - Debra A. Cubbage, Phillip D. Metzger
NORWICH TOWN 2 - Barbara E. Collins
NORWICH CITY WARD 1 - Karol P. Kucinski, Deanna Wilson
NORWICH CITY WARD 2 - Fred Gee, Vivian S. James
NORWICH CITY WARD 3 - Patricia Giltner, Nancy Allaire
NORWICH CITY WARD 4 - Morgan P. Richards
NORWICH CITY WARD 5 - David M. Zieno
NORWICH CITY WARD 6 - Eric J. Guzewich
OTSELIC - Terry A. Foor-Pessin, Michael A. Foor-Pessin
OXFORD 1 - Carly J. Hendricks, Mary Weidman
OXFORD 2 - Canice G. Paliotta
PHARSALIA - (vacant)
PITCHER - Maureen Spann
PLYMOUTH - Carol A. Franklin
PRESTON - Eileen M. Andrews
SHERBURNE 1 - (vacant)
SHERBURNE 2 - Kathryn S. Sabino
SMITHVILLE - (vacant)
SMYRNA - Dennis James Geist, Gerrard J. Burrs


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